June 2014

Lightcycling in Northern Germany

So I was visiting the suburbs of Hamburg, Germany recently and was asked to dispose of a used CFL lamp.  The owner knew it didn’t go into the trash or other recycling picked up through the curbside services, but where does it go? In Germany there is often a “Recyclinghof” nearby in the suburbs where people can bring household recyclables free of charge. … Continue reading

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Lighting – what do you know?

When we think of “old” light bulbs we might think of the incandescent developed and commercialized by Swan and Edison in the 1800s.  But do you know the first demonstrated form of electric light was in the form of a gas discharge lamp in 1705? Modern energy-efficient lighting like CFLs and LEDs find their roots in the earlier versions of carbon arc and incandescent lamps. … Continue reading

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