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Which path to (energy efficient) illumination?

When it comes to lighting, we have noted in this blog about the significant contribution energy efficient lighting can have on energy savings and reduction of greenhouse gases. To this end, minimum energy performance standards are indicated a key tool in transitioning to such lighting.  To this end, the Ecodesign Directive, and more specifically implementing regulations like 244/2009, have set minimum … Continue reading

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Beyond the bulb – servicizing lighting

Big producers like Osram and Philips have indicated a shift in the traditional lighting business towards selling services. But what does servicizing actually mean? This could range from selling services associated with lighting products, to leasing the products, or even paying for only light. Just visit any large lighting producers website and there is already a tab for “services”.  Most are … Continue reading

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The traditional business of light

With the latest developments of LED technology with increased product lifetimes and integration into smart systems, there has been increasing focus on the idea of servicizing lighting. This is a far cry from the traditional lighting industry model with its focus on the product and power consolidated in the hands  of the big three producers) was so great, that producers … Continue reading

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Lighting and the environment – the global perspective

I mentioned in an earlier post about the phase out of inefficient lighting in many countries around the world (shown in the map from UNEP above) and the need to ensure we are recycling and dealing with used lamps in an environmental sound manner (countries with some measures in place are shown in the map from UNEP below). It might be worth … Continue reading

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Lighting – what do you know?

When we think of “old” light bulbs we might think of the incandescent developed and commercialized by Swan and Edison in the 1800s.  But do you know the first demonstrated form of electric light was in the form of a gas discharge lamp in 1705? Modern energy-efficient lighting like CFLs and LEDs find their roots in the earlier versions of carbon arc and incandescent lamps. … Continue reading

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SSLerating the future of light

It really is an interesting time to be working in the field of lighting!  I’ve posted a bit about energy-efficient lighting on this blog, but there is far more potential for the next generation of lighting systems than energy efficiency (though LED bulbs continue to improve their environmental impact performance). Solid state lighting (SSL) and LEDs have huge potential to also change the way … Continue reading

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What’s the big deal with small lamps?

In much of the literature around recycling light bulbs there is mention that many consumers are unaware that they can and should recycle these products when done with them.  Because they are small, it is often easy to just throw them in the rubbish bin. However, like other e-waste light bulbs contain metals, glass, and other materials that can be recycled … Continue reading

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