IKEA reversing material flows?

We’ve given attention to Samlaren being unveiled in Sweden, but we should also mention other similar initiatives aimed at increasing household collection of lamps in Europe. One such initiative is the reverse vending machines being installed in select IKEA stores in the UK and Denmark.  The idea is simple. Similar to deposit refund or pant machines, these machines give an incentive for customers returning used lamps. The incentives range from a cup of coffee to a voucher for a free LED lamp.

Reverse vending video

IKEA Denmark’s Sustainability Manager told us that the plan is to tie incentives to promotions in the store. While the collection machines support the retailers mission to promote more energy efficient lighting (stores are moving towards only selling LEDs) and consideration for the sustainability aspects of their products, the machines also promote health and safety among for their employees.  The reverse vending machines are equipped with padding to prevent breakage and  a mercury fume extractor to safely deal with any broken bulbs that do occur.

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