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I have been checking out the new “Samlaren” or “The Collector” here now in grocery stores southern Sweden.  Samlaren was a design project by Renova and Chalmers students in response to the need for better small electronics collection. Four Samlaren were tested in Gothenburg in 2009.  The first year Samlaren collected 4.5 kg of waste (compared to just over 5kg at five recycling centers). A study of the different collection systems by El Kretsen found that the Samlaren operated at a cost of roughly 16kr/kg collected.  Here in Skåne, Samlaren are being installed by SYSAV in an effort to increase the collection of small e-waste.


Around 60 have been deployed throughout Skane (shown below) in an effort to make it easy to recycle small e-waste such as CFLs, small electronics like razors, and batteries. Sysav hopes the effort will help further eliminate hazardous substances from waste streams and to recycle precious metals in the products that can be used in the production of new goods. It is also hoped that Samlaren will help households where old lamps tend to accumulate. In Lund, Samlaren offers an alternative way to dispose of lamps, batteries and small electronics without having to go to the recycling center or wait for the hazardous waste recycling bus to come around.  Sounds good! We will be going to Sysav in September to ask how the Samlaren is performing so far.

map of samlaren


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I am currently researching about policy instruments for energy efficient lighting products and how questions related to design, disposal, collection, labels and procurement can be addressed in a synergistic way.
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